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Faculté des sciences et de génie
Département de physique, de génie physique et d'optique

Centre de recherche : Centre de recherche CERVO
Adresse :

2601, chemin de la Canardière
G1J 2G3

Téléphone : +1 (418) 663-5747
Télécopieur : +1 (418) 663-8756
Courriel :
Site Web :

Live animal and in vivo imaging, tissue spectro-microscopy.

Intérêts de recherche
Development and application of new imaging techniques using  traditional and novel optical phenomena.

Tissue spectroscopy forms the cornerstone of our understanding in biomedical optics because it provides us with insight into the microscopic structure of tissues without destroying them. Neurons are the building blocks of the brain, and information that flows through them is constantly converted from electrical signals to chemical signals and vice-versa. Exactly how this conversion is done and how it leads to neuron remodelling is not yet well understood.

Using minimally invasive optical microscopy techniques such as second harmonic imaging and coherent Raman imaging (which studies natural vibrations in molecules with light), we develop techniques to non-invasively monitor the electrical state of neurons as well as lipid vesicles (used for storing and releasing neurotransmitters), proteins, and ion concentrations.

Our contribution to the development and application of these optical techniques is making a new generation of all-optical diagnostic devices possible as well as enabling new experiments in neuroscience aimed at understanding the fundamental dynamics of neurons.

Nonlinear and confocal microscopy, fiber-delivered tissue spectroscopy.

Fast multimodal neuron imaging using second harmonic imaging and two-photon fluorescence imaging.

Development of broadband CARS endoscopic system for in vivo tissue spectroscopy.

Development of narrowband/broadband CARS for lipid/protein imaging.

Principales publications
Chakraverty R, Cote D, Buchli J, Cotter P, Hsu R, Zhao G, Sachs T, Pitsillides CM, Bronson R, Means T, Lin C, Sykes M. An inflammatory checkpoint regulates recruitment of graft-versus-host reactive T cells to peripheral tissues. J Exp Med. 2006; 203:2021-2031. PMID : 16880259.

I. Veilleux*, D. Côté* and C. P. Lin. In vivo Multimodality Video Rate Laser Scanning Confocal and Nonlinear Microscope. In preparation. 2006;

D. Côté and I. A. Vitkin. Robust concentration determination of optically active molecules in turbid media with validated three- dimensional polarization Monte Carlo model. Optics Express. 2005; 13:148-163.

Evans CL, Potma EO, Puoris'haag M, Cote D, Lin CP, Xie XS. Chemical imaging of tissue in vivo with video-rate coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005; 102:16807-16812. Full text

Sipkins DA, Wei X, Wu JW, Runnels JM, Cote D, Means TK, Luster AD, Scadden DT, Lin CP. In vivo imaging of specialized bone marrow endothelial microdomains for tumour engraftment. Nature. 2005; 435:969-973. Full text

Stéphane Pagès, stagiaire post-doctoral
Israël Veilleux, M.Sc.

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