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  Alzheimer's disease
  Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  Blood-brain barrier
  Brain development
  Cerebrovascular diseases
  Computational biology
  Gene therapy
  Huntington's disease
  Migraine and headache
  Movement disorders
  Multiple sclerosis
  Neuromuscular diseases
  Parkinson's disease
  Prion diseases
  Sleep disorders
  Spinal cord
  Stem cells


Society for Neuroscience - ENG
Organization that gathers more than 37 500 basic scientists and physicians who study the brain and nervous system. Huge number of useful links.

Brain Center at Dana.org - ENG
Site containing a multitude of information on brain, news, books and other publications, links of interest. Dana Foundation offers, amongst other things, grants for research in neuroscience and immunology.

Neuroscience @ NIH - ENG
One of the largest neuroscience research centers in the world, gathering more than 150 laboratories in 11 institutes. Links towards these institutes and different research groups. Training opportunities.

The brain from top to bottom - FRA, ENG
Very nice site where the information is adapted for users of various levels of knowledge (beginner, intermediate and advanced).

The Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction - FRA, ENG
INMHA supports research on the functioning and disorders of the brain, the spinal cord, the sensory and motor systems and the mind. Their goal is to reduce the burden of brain illness through prevention strategies, screening, diagnosis, treatment, support system and palliation.

www Virtual Library, Neuroscience - ENG
Alphabetical list of a multitude of online resources related to neuroscience.

NeuraLinksPlus - ENG
More than 2 500 sources of the field of neuroscience, biology, education… classified by topic.

Federation of European Neuroscience Societies - ENG
FENS represents a large number of national European neuroscience societies. National societies, schools, jobs for PhD students, post-docs, up to senior staff positions and professorships.

European Journal of Neuroscience - ENG
Published on behalf of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies. 24 issues per year.

Canadian Association for Neuroscience - ENG
Association of Canadian researchers. News, events, job offers, funding opportunities.

Neurosciences at the Institute for Cognitive Science - FRA, ENG
List of online sources: research laboratories in France and in the world, courses, softwares, associations, publications, scientific conferences, particular aspects (smell, motricity, vision, hearing, Parkinson’s) and several others.

Neurosciences: sites et documents francophones - FRA
This catalogue indexes more than 12 000 websites and documents in French. Links listed by topic, in alphabetical order and by resource type.

Société des neurosciences - FRA
Association of French-speaking researchers of all neuroscience fields, fundamental, clinical and industrial research, public and private sectors. Activities and news.

It’s all in the brain - ENG, ESP
Report from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute on human senses: Seeing, hearing and smelling the world. Interesting lecture.

Neurobiologie - FRA
Neurobiology course given at the University Montpellier II as well as corrected examinations.

Dossiers "Cerveau" - FRA
Popularizing work, current news, forum and other information of interest for a large public.