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The Transgenesis platform at CRCHUL aims to facilitate research by providing transgenic services and making available a cutting edge tools and techniques.

The Molecular Tools Platform located at the CRIUSMQ can assist you in the development and generation of genetic tools for your research. We have an expertise in the design and assembly of molecular constructs for expression of fluorescent markers, optogenetics and genetically modified animals. We are also specialized in the production of viral vectors (adenovirus, adeno associated virus, lentivirus, retrovirus).

The CRIUSMQ Cell Sorting Plateform is specialized in sorting sub-populations of neurons or cells isolated from the neuronal system. We own a FACS Aria II which physically separates various sub-populations of an heterogenic sample. We can help you with the experimental design related to cytometry and also operate the instrument for you.

The Electron Microscope Facility located at the CRIUSMQ provides advanced technical tools for transmission electron microscopy and cryofixation of biological samples. The facility offers complete processing of biological samples, including embedding and semi and ultra-thin sectioning with ultramicrotome.