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The mission of the Neuroscience Thematic Research Center of Université Laval aims at carrying out priority and innovating research activities in order to maximize the competitiveness of Université Laval on the national and international level, to offer a high quality training program and finally, to facilitate the transfer of knowledge towards care services and the socio-economic development.

The web portal "www.neuro.ulaval.ca" is a window on the world which promotes the activity of researchers of the Neuroscience Thematic Research Center as well as the radiance of Université Laval at the provincial, Canadian and world level. It allows access to the information specialized in neuroscience available on Internet, mainly in French and English. The portal is opened to the experts, professionals and students working in the field of neuroscience in Quebec and all over the world.

Our aim

The portal inventories the activities (publications, reports, interviews, talks, trainings, conferences and events) of each member of the Neuroscience Thematic Research Center of Université Laval.

The search tool helps the users to reach the information of interest, by reducing the quantity of redundant information given by other search engines.

The portal also gathers links to information in well defined categories in order to facilitate surfing and offers summaries of recommended web sites which allow users to take note of the content and the relevance of documents without having to consult them.

A daily update of the portal gives access to the news and to the upcoming events.


The portal thus contains four major parts: the directory of the researchers, to take note of research activities of the members of the Center; the search engine, to make a specific keyword search; the directory, to seek relevant sites in a particular field; and news, to follow the current events in the field of neuroscience.


The realization of this project was possible thanks to the support of the Faculty of medicine and the Vice-rectorat à la recherche et à la création of Université Laval. It was conceived by personnel from the Faculty of medicine, more specifically by Mrs Alma Posvandzic, research professional, and by Mr Abdelhamid Elkadhi, architect of information systems.